Project Description

The Wolf Pack Scholarship Fund

Over 100 Wolf Pack Alums holding a CMC banner on the interior staircase of the CMC Steamboat Springs New Academic Center the night of the 2014 Wolf Pack Reunion.

More than 100 Wolf Pack Alums gather on the staircase of the CMC Steamboat Springs New Academic Center the night of the 2014 Wolf Pack Reunion. Photo Ben Saheb

On March 16, 2014, more than 100 alumni from CMC Steamboat Springs returned to campus to remember and celebrate the lives of two fellow classmates and friends, Shawn Pace and Cory Eardley. This large group, of which Pace and Eardley were part, was a tightly knit collection of CMC students who bonded over the immediate sense of community they felt in Steamboat Springs. They forged a strong connection on the mountain as well, nurturing their passion for skiing and snowboarding and riding together in a large gang they named ‘The Wolf Pack.’

The reunion in 2014, originally envisioned as a small gathering followed by a few turns on the mountain, grew so much in size that it led to the birth of The Wolf Pack Scholarship Fund in memory of their lost classmates.

After the reunion, Cory Eardly’s parents expressed their gratitude to the Colorado Mountain College Foundation:

Please accept our deep and profound gratitude for the beautiful reception at Colorado Mountain College on March 14. We were so touched by Paul Hamburger’s beautiful tribute to Cory and Shawn by creating The Wolf Pack Scholarship Fund in their honor. We sincerely hope that it blesses the life of other young people in the future.

We were also very impressed with the new facility. It must have been so exciting to witness that dream come to fruition.

We felt so embraced by the alumni of CMC. It reinforced so much of what Cory had told us over the years about his amazing group of friends in Steamboat Springs.

Enclosed find a check for the foundation. We have shared this information with others who have inquired about donating in Cory’s name and hope some additional donations find their way to you.


Syndie and Jim Eardly