Expanding Colorado Mountain College Programs


Faculty Enrichment Initiatives

Supporting pioneers in higher education

Securing the future for intellectual capital at Colorado Mountain College is an incredibly important endeavor. The discovery, creation and dissemination of knowledge, artistic work, inventions and educational materials is at the very heart of the faculty experience. Your gift can help us support and enrich faculty as pioneers in higher education. Our faculty retention efforts, recognition and rewards continue to expand. And as we recruit and seed new faculty positions through the creation of endowed and distinguished chair appointments at various levels, CMC’s reputation of excellence grows.


To learn more about the impact of your gift to faculty support, please contact Lisa Miller, ljmiller@coloradomtn.edu / 970.947.8361.

Facilities Support

Connecting college to community

Each Colorado Mountain College campus builds a unique bridge between the college and the community. Buildings, grounds and transportation are crucial to the success of the college and positive to the enhancement of our surrounding communities. In order to grow and maintain a strong connection to the community, CMC strives for positive communication, buy-in and support of these efforts, both current and future. Your gift can help us grow while meeting the needs of both the community and college.


To learn more about the impact of your gift to facilities support, please contact Lisa Miller, ljmiller@coloradomtn.edu / 970.947.8361.

Equipment and Technology

Meeting today's needs and staying competitive

Program excellence demands the right equipment and the most up-to-date technology. In order to meet the needs of today’s classrooms and stay competitive in the higher education market, Colorado Mountain College must regularly invest in new machines, software, and cutting-edge technologies. If you would like to donate a piece of equipment to the college, or offer a monetary gift to help advance our technology, we will be happy to assist you in making the most impact with your gift.


To learn more about equipment and technology, please contact Lisa Miller, ljmiller@coloradomtn.edu / 970.947.8361.